Can one write a dissertation without a proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a preparatory step for writing the actual dissertation. It is not a must that one needs to have a dissertation proposal written before writing a dissertation, but it definitely will help in the whole process of dissertation writing. Writing a proposal will list down the actual process involved starting from the beginning to end and you will be able to figure out something that you might have missed. It is an outline on the subject that you are going to write on, the questionnaire for gathering the data and methodology that is you are planning to use, all of these will be included in your proposal.
Since the dissertation is actually done in your post-graduation or doctoral program, you are most likely to have a guide or mentor assigned to you who will help you during the process. Having a dissertation proposal approved from this guide at the initial stage will relieve a lot of your tensions during the actual dissertation writing time. This is why it is always better to have a dissertation proposal done before writing a dissertation. If you do not have a proposal done on your own, there are dissertation proposal help available who can help with the process as well.
Research is a long process and it is very much likely that you go through a lot of change in terms of topic, questionnaire, methodology, etc. Having the proposal acts a guide or an outline to get you through the process. It is possible that whatever you have planned in the proposal has changed significantly when you start writing the actual dissertation. There will be a lot of discussions and analysis that happen between your guide and you during this process and also the literature review and the critical analysis that you do during the process also will make significant changes to your proposal.
Before you start writing a dissertation proposal, there needs to be a lot of reading that is required about the topic under research. Literature review should start from the beginning, trying to understand the related work done by the others in the field. This will give you an idea if the topic that you are researching is already done by others or your research holds any value compared to the related work. This is why some people decided to change the topic of research after the literature review.
You might be able to question or contradict the work of others through your research as well. In order to do this, you need to gain a thorough understanding of the topic under research. The literature review has to be written in a particular format with the details of the topic, author, book or journal where it is published and the date of publishing as well. If it is from an online source, the URL also should be written.
Having a dissertation proposal will definitely help with the research and will bring in a structure to the whole research process but it is not a must to have the proposal before you write the dissertation. If you have enough confidence in your subject or topic of research and your methodologies, you can go ahead without writing the proposal.
Finally, take note that dissertation writing is in no way similar to essay writing. Therefore, there is no way you will be able to good guidance to anyone who promises to attend to your inquiry if you can write my essay cheap. There are many students who have taken such an approach in the past and have been left regretting why they had to do so. Thus, it is highly advisable that before you start working on the dissertation, you make sure that you have a dissertation proposal in place as it will guide you.
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